Author. Photographer. Videographer. Skier. Equality Seeker. Adventurer.


Empowering women through creativity. That is my mission. I want to help women by creating images that reflect back to them the beauty and power inherent to being themselves. In portraiture, in composites, and in the work I do with Rock and Roll Camp for Girls San Diego as well as other nonprofits, I aspire to be a positive force in my community. 


Having spent over a decade as a music photographer, touring, shooting concerts, music videos and album covers, I took everything that I learned abut Photoshop design work and applied it to family portraiture and corporate branding. My background in anthropology makes me unendingly curious about people and I love the challenge of distilling the complexity of their human nature into an image that resonates with the person THEY see in the mirror.


My other love is writing. I have published two novels: ROCK MY WORLD and THE BIG IF and am currently editing my third.

Everyone has a story to tell.