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Storyteller. In words and pictures.


As a San Diego based photographer since 2007 and an author since 2011, my mission is to empower others through storytelling.  Whether I'm creating fictional worlds or capturing moments in people's lives, I want to reflect people's true beauty back to them, whether they see it in themselves or not. ​Everyone has a story to tell.


I want every one of my clients to feel seen. The best compliment, in my opinion, is when someone tells me my images captured them the way they see themselves. There is power in reflecting that truth back to them and validating those facets that they most value in themselves.


My other love is writing. It's how I make sense of the world around me. I have published two novels: ROCK MY WORLD and THE BIG IF. I am currently working on my third novel. I write contemporary female heroines who aren't waiting around to be saved. They navigate life's tough lessons, make hard choices, and have big dreams while retaining their sense of humor. I highly recommend reading them on planes, beaches and vacation. 

I'm a mom, beach lover, outdoor adventurer, skier, and over-thinker who got just as excited when my first photo was published on the cover of the Boys and Girls Club summer camp program in Alaska as when (a different) one of my photos took up four stories on the side of Madison Square Garden. What a ride it's been so far!

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